There are a number of tools that I use in my Photography and Video Workflows; I will list and talk about them here.



This is a non-destructive editor that is a good replacement to Lightroom and Photoshop if you are tired of paying for a subscriptions.

Skylum has a number of free looks, as well as affodable ones in the store. and Youtube have a number of courses to aid in learning.

Aurora HDR 2019

This is a quick, down and dirty tool for stacking bracketed pictures for that cool HDR effect; like Luminar there are a number of looks that are easily applied and modified.


Davinci Resolve

This is BlackMagic’s entry to video editing; this is the one that I use since it is quite powerful in the free version; yet, affordable for the paid.

Avid Composer

 There is a free version, yet Avid gets pricey when you buy it.  Also, it only works on Intel based systems so it left my primary workstation out since I am AMD based.