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Session Details

During the shoot, we will capture stunning images of every room in the property.  If, using our iGUIDE service we will map the entire house while taking 360 views throughout.

Each session will cover up to 2 hours at the house, and include post-edit time.




iGUIDE Packages

iGUIDE is the Ultimate Listing Solution that helps sell your home faster, with less disruptions and for top dollar. As an iGUIDE professional photographer, I will quickly capture your home in its best light, providing an immersive and engaging online experience for home buyers. Every iGUIDE includes property photos, floor plans, room measurements, area calculations, neighborhood information and a 3D immersive tour.

iGUIDE 3D Tour Basic (0-2500 sq/ft)

  • 1 Hour

  • 20-40 Professionally finished images

  • Floor Plans

  • Measurements

  • MLS ready


iGUIDE 3D Tour Premium (0-2500 sq/ft)

  • 1 Hour

  • 20-40 Professionally finished images

  • Floor Plans

  • Includes fixtures and cabinetry

  • Measurements

  • MLS ready


iGUIDE Addons

  • iGUIDE Basic Additional 500 sq/ft - $50

  • iGUIDE Premium Additional  500 sq/ft - $68


$55 /$74

Photography Only

  • Up to 2 Hour

  • 20-40 interior/exterior shots

  • Social media and print ready

  • Professionally edited images

  • Private gallery to review images

  • Wide angle HDR

  • MLS ready

  • Blue Sky swap in required


Drone Photography

  • 1 Hour

  • 5-10 Professionally finished images

    All flights use registered drones under control of Licensed Drone Pilot 



Bulk Options

These options provide blocks of services at a discounted price.

(Billing available on 15th and 30th of each month)

What to Expect


Wide-angle HDR Photos (HDR gives a more accurate image of what you see with the naked eye when done right; you cannot get the same quality with a single shot from a camera or phone). Each image receives special attention to ensure it accurately represents the space and is geometrically correct and distortion free.

24 Hour Turnaround and Professional Editing

80% of people across the country who bought a new home last year used the Internet while house hunting, and they rated photographs as the most useful tool in their search.

Realtor/Client/Owner Responsibilities

It is our goal 100% of the time to provide a consistent and reliable high-quality service to each and every client. To best meet this goal there are certain expectations that we would like to draw your attention to.

Kuryba Studios’ responsibility is to deliver high quality visuals of the property at the scheduled time of the appointment.

It is the responsibility of the Realtor/Client/Owner to have the subject property completely prepared for photography by start of the scheduled appointment time. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Safe access to all rooms and spaces within the entire property. The appointment will be cancelled with full cancellation fees applicable if the home is not deemed safe by the photographer.

  2. Cleaning/Staging: It is the responsibility of the realtor/client/owner to clean and stage the property. In order to deliver high quality pictures, this is required. If the property is not prepared at the time of the appointment, the appointment may have to be cancelled or rescheduled and subject to the applicable fees.

  3. All items that you do not wish to be photographed are either removed from the property or safely stored away and out of sight. As we are limited to 2 hours, do not plan on moving items from room to room during the appointment.

  4. All lights must be functioning and turned on, fans will be off unless required for motion video.

  5. There should be no vehicles in the driveway/parking area.



Appointments cancelled greater than 24 hours in advance of the appointment time will have no cancellation fee.

Appointments cancelled in the 0-24 hour period prior to the scheduled start time will be subject to a 50% fee.

Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise specifically indicated in writing, copyright of the works supplied to you remain the property of the Kuryba Studios. Your license to the supplied materials includes usage in any way related to your marketing of the subject property, and the ongoing marketing of your business. Your license DOES NOT include the rights to transfer the materials to others. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Transfer to another individual realtor for their marketing of the property

  2. Transfer to a buyer for their marketing of the property

  3. Any other usage that may have a commercial connection such as for marketing or sales.

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