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Recommended Tools and Other Links


There are a number of tools that I use in my Photography and Video Workflows; I will list and talk about them here.

Photo Tools


Click on my Luminar affiliate link above to purchase.

This is a non-destructive editor that is a good replacement to Lightroom and Photoshop if you are tired of paying for a subscriptions.  

There are a number of free looks that can be applied to your pictures, as well as affordable ones for purchase in their store.  Luminar 4 has an incredible sky replacement feature now built in. and Youtube have a number of courses to aid in learning.

Aurora HDR 2019

This is a quick, down and dirty tool for stacking bracketed pictures for that cool HDR effect; like Luminar there are a number of looks that are easily applied and modified.

Video Tools

Davinci Resolve

This is BlackMagic’s entry to video editing; this is the one that I use since it is quite powerful in the free version; yet, affordable for the paid version which offers additional features.

Black Magic provides training directly on their site; plus additional training can be found on

Avid Composer

There is a free version, yet Avid gets pricey when you buy it.  Also, it only works on Intel based systems so it left my primary workstation out since I am AMD based.

Stock Sites (Video, Audio or Photo)


All music graciously provided by Jason Shaw, a talents composer and musician sharing his love of the music with the world.  Music is provided under the Creative Common Attribution 4.0 International License.  Simply provide credit, and if possible a donation.


If you chose to sign up for a course, you can take advantage of this offer by enrolling in any course,then click “Referral Code” and enter my code JCGFZCBAHIC save $50.

Whatever your reasons for learning, whether to start a new career, earn money part time, or take your hobby to the next level – NYIP offers online photography classes to help. With their programs, you learn at your own pace and experience an improvement in your skills as you progress through the lessons.

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