Filters (part 2)

In this post we will start reviewing the different types of filters available.

Before we begin lets review caring for your filters:

  1. Always keep them in the original case or a product for storing your filters.
  2. Don’t touch the glass when handling.
  3. Clean only with proper materials.

Lets look at the various filters

UV Filter
A UV filter blocks UV light as it enters the lens. Think of it as sunscreen for your camera. The thing is, modern films and digital sensors just aren’t sensitive to UV light. It doesn’t affect them the way it does older films. This means you don’t need a UV filter to block UV light in order to take good photos. How they are used today is as a protective filter for your lenses. There are arguments on whether you need or not – How to Geek

Neutral Density Filter (ND)
Perhaps the most useful filter you can have in your bag is the neutral density filter. These are also sometimes referred to as ND filters. Neutral density filters are designed to hold back some of the light in the scene, reducing the amount of light that enters your camera.

ND filters come in different type. You can purchase on that covers then entire filter, or one that is graduated.

You can buy an ND filter to block a specific amount of light, or you can buy an adjustable one (I have this type).

ND filters usually have a numbering system to describe how many stops of light they hold back.     

0.3 = 1 stop
0.6 = 2 stops
0.9 = 3 stops
1.2 = 4 stops

Thanks for reading, keep on shooting, and, as always I look forward to your continued support.

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