You and Your Camera

What is the best camera? Well, as we have said prior…the one you have with you!

While true, it can be a bit overused.

There are many types of camera’s out there.

  • Cell Phone – these are getting better all the time; however, don’t be fooled. The sensor is still small as well as the lenses so cell phones compensate using software to make better pictures.
  • Point and Shoot – this category is quite broad. When considering a point and shoot try and find one that gives you some control over the settings
  • DSLR – this category can be broken in to three levels: Beginner/Hobbyist (think affordable, but there will be limits to what the camera can do), Enthusiast (mid range, more functionality), and Pro (usually expensive but quite powerful.
  • Mirrorless – this family of camera are usually smaller but pack a large number of features. The Sony Alpha line which is quite popular is one example. Panasonic and Olympus produce mirrorless cameras in the micro 4/3 standard. These camera are powerful in a small form factor so they make great travel cameras.

Regardless of what camera you choose it is important to know what you can do with it,

  • Read the manual
  • Check out user forums and groups
  • Learn, learn, learn.

Thanks for reading, keep on shooting, and, as always I look forward to your continued support.

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