Improving Your Pictures

Let’s review from the last post the 3 principles that will improve your photography.

  1. Have a clear subject (or a theme).
  2. Focus attention on your subject.
  3. Simplify

Let’s specifically think of the subject, what can you do to emphasize your subject.

  1. Move in closer (as mentioned in the last post).
  2. Sometime, moving further back will bring more emphasis if you subject is large.
  3. What about depth of field (DoF), blurring part of the picture to emphasis what you want.
  4. Color can be used for emphasis the subject.
  5. Keeping the background simple; no distractions.
  6. Lighting can draw focus to your subject.
  7. If your subject is a person, make sure to focus on the eyes.

Ask yourself, what is this picture about? What is the frame?

Thanks for reading, keep on shooting, and, as always I look forward to your continued support.

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