What Does it Take to Become a Successful Photographer?

First and foremost…Passion. You must love the art.

“Start by loving the camera and end by loving the art!”

It would be true to say that most people start by just taking pictures. Posting them on Facebook, Instagram among other outlets; we may invest in a better camera and play with that; then a moment occurs…

You start to focus, not on the gear, but how do I make my picture tell a story? How could I compose this better? What is my light source contributing, or detracting from my picture?

You start to learn what to look for to make beautiful images. Check out these pictures, and then I will tell the story.

I was in Las Vegas for a conference and decided to take a side trip to the Grand Canyon. I walked along the rim taking a number of incredible photos when I stumbled upon a path trail-head leading into the canyon. So what the hell, I started down because I wanted a close of a rock formation that I could see.

Of the three pictures show, two set up the third which is the one I am focusing on. The first shows the path winding down into the canyon. The second is behind the rock formation, again showing the hiking trail. The third was the picture I wanted to capture; the formation in all of it glory – how did I do?

Thanks for reading, keep on shooting, and, as always I look forward to your continued support.

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