Professional Habits of a Successful Photographer

This is a topic that can vary from site to site; list 10:

  1. They are Eager to Learn.
  2. They are Dedicated.
  3. They Have Patience.
  4. They Show Attention to Detail.
  5. They Know Their Equipment.
  6. They are Flexible.
  7. They Accept the Challenge.
  8. They Seek Inspiration.
  9. The Accept Feedback & Criticism.
  10. They Specialize.

NYIP quotes Patrick Donehue on 21 Habits (as listed on

  1. Awareness
  2. Facing Adversity
  3. Optimism
  4. Right brain; left brain
  5. Value the information quest
  6. Be aware of blind spots
  7. Listen
  8. Speak a global visual language
  9. Know your extended family
  10. Stand Out and Stand Tall
  11. Innovate
  12. Bank on success
  13. Nobody does it alone
  14. Focus and Development aren’t just Photographic Techniques—they’re Attitudes
  15. Think of yourself as a surgeon
  16. Fail; then fail again
  17. Edit; then edit again and again
  18. Be an early adopter
  19. Master your tools, not the other way around
  20. Value personal work
  21. There’s more to life than photography

The second one is a long list, if you want know detail on what each involves visit popphoto.

If I was to make a list, here is what I would put in it:

  1. Learn your camera(s); read the manuals, practice what you read
  2. Be a life longer learner; find good blogs, photography sites, books, etc and study, ponder then study some more.
  3. Learn your editing tools – Photoshop, Lightroom, Gimp, Luminar, Aurora, Affinity Photo – and any others out there. There are plenty of tutorials and lessons to learn how to use these tools.
  4. Learn how to compose a shot, remove distractions, know your lighting.
  5. Learn how to tell a story; otherwise, you will have just another average picture.
  6. Accept Feedback & Criticism.
  7. Seek Inspiration – sites like Instagram and Flickr are good for this.
  8. Develop your own style and brand
  9. Learn how to listen
  10. Develop a solid work ethic, photography is hard work.

Thanks for reading, keep on shooting, and, as always I look forward to your continued support.

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