HDR Software

First let me start by saying that I have a few software already that I can create HDR with but there is a learning curve with them, it is not as easy as the software I chose.

Affinity Photo on my MacBook, LightRoom on both my PC and MacBook have HDR functions.  I also reviewed Photomatix Pro, HDR Project and Aurora HDR.  They are all good, yet I found that I preferred Aurora HDR.

Here is a quick run through of how easy it is to use.  First you need to capture a scene with at least three different exposures.  Most camera’s have an exposure bracketing feature to make this easy.  Open Aurora HDR, and select open image…


Select your images


Select Auto Alignment, and click the gear.Aurora3.PNGSelect the level of Ghost Reduction and if desired Chromatic Aberration Reduction.  When ready click Create HDR.

There are a range of presents that you can select on the bottom, additionally you can set the percentage of the preset you want to apply.


For dramatic effect, I selected HDR Look Exterior and lowered to apply 75%.

You can further adjust the picture using the controls on the right.  For the final product I bumped the HDR Clarity and HDR Denoise as well as increasing the Polarizing Filter.

In less than 5 minutes this was the result…


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