Review of Amalgam, The Valaran Chronicles: Book 1

Many thanks to Michael for an great review.

Michael Griffith’s review
May 11, 12

This book is 4.75, but I still would consider this a must read for Sci-Fi fans. I can’t remember if it is posted in the synopsis so I will say it here, Do not read this book if you are not comfortable with adult scenes. With that said the scene is done as well as it could be considering. But for my review, I really enjoyed this book. I felt that the changing of perspectives worked very well to give the reader a total view of what was going on. The author provided enough information to allow the reader to follow the series of events and provide adequate back story, but did not put so much detail and information that the book became tedious at an point. There was an adequate amount of action scenes to progress the story and keep the reader interested. There were some story lines that were brought up that were not concluded that I felt could have been wrapped up easily but those were not critical so the author may be giving the reader the ability to put in his or her own ending to that plot line. I did feel that the book was short, but considering all that is involved in this story I think the length is perfect.

Now for the Sci-Fi aspect of the story. This is a very good Sci-Fi story that contains alien races, androids, and AI. Wells works all of these elements into a contrast with pre-industrial society of Redwall. I also liked that Wells allowed the advanced elements to be decaying and to allow them to have a weakness that is not seen in many Sci-Fi stories.

My favorite Character is definitely Hobs. There are many reasons for that but the main is that I find that I want to be in his shoes, even though he has faced tragedy and hardship but he does make the most of what he has been given, granted he does have some secrets that allow him to do more than most other people would have been able to do. I also find that I root for Lena, and I understand why her story ended the way it did but I would have still liked it to have ended the way it appeared it would at the beginning of the book.

I found that I instantly hated Roland and all that he represented. I think the author makes it easy to hate him, but that may just be because of my concepts of proper behavior. Other people may feel that Roland was in the right for what he did, and I will understand their views but I think that most people would side with me in that Roland received his just deserts. Also I felt that I severely disliked Pol, mainly because of his attitude toward the other characters, not because of his defense of some of his son’s actions. I cannot fault a father for wanting to protect his son, but I do feel that there was not much that he could have done to influence his son, but there are some things. Most of those deal with Pol’s own ambition and his elitist attitude that was passed onto his son.

So I really liked the novel and I highly recommend it for any Sci-Fi reader. I cannot wait for the next book in the series and I can’t wait to see what Hobs gets into.

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