Self-Publishing Lessons Part 5



Make sure you get your book out there.  Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, etc. 


Many publishers will offer this service to you for a fee…while their product in most causes will be professional, you may end up like me where I paid for the service and they failed to deliver.  The product was made, but they could not get it uploaded for whatever reason. 


To make matters worse, they have no intention of providing a refund since they “worked” on the product.  To me, failure to deliver the completed project means at minimum a partial refund or credit towards a future purchase.  I got no iBook, no refund or credit.


Lesson – make sure you are clear on ALL terms before buying, including what they do if they can’t deliver – this is very important.


So what do you do instead – use SMASHWORDS…


Smashwords will upload to all the major players in the eBook world.  You simply have to provide a manuscript in .doc format without errors.

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