Self-Publishing Part 4

Not sure where I read this but it went like this: 

70% of people have the idea for a great book
20% of the people will write it
10% will market it

If I flip this over, I would say: 

10% of the job is writing a book
20% is publishing it
70% of success is marketing your book

I have a healthy respect now for writers who actually publish in print (sorry while ebooks are good, isn’t the same).  There is a lot of hard work that goes into getting a book printer.

BUT, successfully marketing your book is a different beast altogether.  Sure you use word of mouth, Facebook, blogs, business cards, flyers, etc…

But what actually works?

Well if you know comment here, lol, because I am still working this out.

I have posted for 25 reviewers on, feedback is essential for the success of any book.  Get all your friends and family to read your book and post feedback.  Where should they post: (post for all formats of book: hardback, paperback, kindle) (make sure your book is listed there, you can do giveaways also) (great place to get your ebook published to the main suppliers) (for Canadians)

Amazon is by far the most important; you want to build your rating there.

I am sure there is a lot I missed, so comment away with your ideals for success…

(Parts 1-3 can be found at my other blog)

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